Texas Rasslin' / Big Time Wrestling / WCCW Results

All Fort Worth shows held at the North Side Coliseum through August 1978, then at Will Rogers Memorial Center (Coliseum, Auditorium, or Amon Carter Exhibits Building) through 1989 except as indicated; all Dallas shows held at the Sportatorium except as indicated

Title changes shown in gold (applies to NWA, WCCW and USWA titles only)

Clicking a hyperlinked date will open a reproduction of the program or other memorabilia for that card in a new window.  Thanks to Gary Gibson, Dave Miller and BruiserBrodyMania for scans of their rare original programs.  [If you have vintage Dallas-Fort Worth area wrestling programs and would like to contribute scans of them for this section, please send your scans to: wccwmemories(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!]

DQ = Disquallification          DDQ = Double Disqualification          COR = Countout
DCOR = Double Countout          NCO = No Contest          UTC = Unable to Continue

This section is a compilation of results that have been posted previously at Kayfabe Memories, the Superstar Billy Graham Record Book, the WowBB Sports and Wrestling Forum, Wrestling Classics, Legacy of Wrestling, WrestlingData.com, and at the now-defunct Old School Wrestling and Ring Historian sites, with information on stipulations, gimmick matches and title changes added where available. Additional results have been contributed by "Flair73", "Mattjr95", Clint Moehlman, Joe Sauber, "Troy0310" and Kris Zellner...and if you also sent results and don't see your name above, please email us so we can properly credit you. :)

Please keep in mind that until the late 1970s, the wrestlers who appeared in Dallas-Fort Worth also performed in Houston, San Antonio and other Texas cities, and that the same titles were also recognized and defended -- and often changed hands -- in those areas during that era. For details on title changes in other cities, we recommend Hisaharu Tanabe's Wrestling Titles site, or the exhaustive reference book Wrestling Title Histories by Royal Duncan and Gary Will.

As this section is still very much a work in progress, corrections and additions are always welcome. Please send them to: wccwmemories(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks.


(1) In some instances you will see the now-familiar name of a gimmick match (i.e., a Texas Death Match) used to describe a bout that took place before that term was invented, but had the same rules. We have done so here for the sake of brevity.

(2) Match listings for any given card are not guaranteed to be complete, and may not be shown in their actual running order. For the most part, match results are shown here exactly the way we found them, or exactly as they were sent to us.

(3) In results for some cards in the 1940s and '50s, you will see usage of the word Negro ("Negro match", "Texas Negro Heavyweight champion", etc.)  Please note that no racism on the part of anyone at WCM is intended; these events took place during a less sensitive time in America's history, and were originally promoted in much the same way as midget matches, women's matches, etc. (i.e. as "special attractions")  We feel it is our obligation to present this information as truthfully and accurately as possible.

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