About This Site...

Hi.  As some of you may be aware, at one point I was going to write a book based on the World Class Championship Wrestling territory.

However, I soon discovered that numerous other former WCCW stars were planning to do the very same thing. Out of respect for them, and because they would obviously be able to give fans a better insight into things than I ever possibly could, I opted to post some of my research online and dedicate a site solely to my favorite promotion of all time, World Class. 

I am extremely lucky to have had the “Enhancement Guy” contribute to the site via writing, designing and coming up with ideas.  We have labored for months to put together a site that would make World Class’ alumni proud.
My purpose for creating this site is to give those who followed the promotion a unique “trip down memory lane” and, for those younger fans who might have stumbled across WCCW in recent years via video, some insight on this revolutionary organization.  (No, Vince and the WWE didn’t create everything.)

Tragedy has made some aspects of WCCW's history almost taboo.  I honestly do not care to dwell on any particular person’s flaws, or sensationalized fifth-rate gossip.  If you enjoy that kind of stuff, there are numerous other sites that will satisfy that urge.

We want this site to be fun, but full of the same “class” that was part of the promotion’s name.  We are always open for ideas and contributions on how to make this site better.  We would also like to extend a personal invitation to all former WCCW workers, their family members and friends to join us, to make this family-friendly to all involved -- and maybe even a way for some of you guys to reconnect if you choose to do so.


John Dananay

One thing I've always regretted is the fact that, because of the ungodly long hours I was working in the early 80's, I was rarely able to attend World Class wrestling shows in person.
I was lucky enough, however, to be on hand for one VERY historic evening in WCCW history: the night Terry Gordy slammed the door of a steel cage on Kerry Von Erich's head at Reunion Arena, costing him the World title and kicking off one of pro wrestling's most legendary feuds.

My favorite memory of that event, though, took place not in the ring but, of all places, in the men's room immediately after the match. Standing in the center of the room -- and being given a wide berth by the other fans standing in line to use the facilities -- was a man at least seventy years old who was red-faced, trembling with anger, shaking his fists and looking for all the world as though he might have a stroke right then and there.  "Dammit to hell!", he raged to no one in particular.  "Did you see what that bastard Gordy just did to Kerry out there? I knew them f---in' Freebirds was up to no damn good! I knew it! I KNEW IT!"

Although most WCCW fans didn't react that strongly to the action in the squared circle, a good many did have something in common with that elderly gentleman: they believed. And most of all, they cared.

In an age where we've seen Hollywood actors winning world titles, entire storylines that acknowledge and revolve around the sport's worked nature, and shows that more closely resemble some sick, twisted sitcom than a pro wrestling event, that's what today's fans are missing.  They may be entertained by what they see, but it's a good bet that many of them don't know what it's like to suspend disbelief enough to actually care.

If you have fond memories of the glory days of World Class Championship Wrestling -- or if you simply miss the days when you could care about what you saw in the ring -- then this website is for you.  We sincerely hope we have done this great promotion and its performers proud, and that WCCW's many fans will find this site to be a worthy tribute.

The Intelligent Sensational Enhancement Guy