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  4/8/47 Dallas
NWA World Heavyweight champion Whipper Billy Watson beat Leroy McGuirk UTC
Jim Casey & Jesse James beat Ellis Bashara & Dick Raines
Pat Planagan drew Jack Kilroy
Polo Cordova beat Frank Hewitt

5/27/47 Dallas
Felix Miquet beat Pat Fraley
Chief Thunderbird beat Hans Schnabel, reversed decision
Don Lee beat Al Lovelock, blood stoppage
Bobby Nelson beat Mickey Gold

6/3/47 Dallas
Hans Schnabel beat Felix Miquet
Daffy Don Lee beat Al Lovelock UTC
Killer Karl Davis beat Bobby Nelson
Miguel Guzman beat Gene Stanlee, referee's decision

6/10/47 Dallas
Felix Miquet beat Hans Schnabel
Violet Viann beat Nell Stewart

6/24/47 Dallas
NWA World Heavyweight champion Lou Thesz beat Wee Willie Davis
Felix Miquet beat Chief Thunderbird
Miguel Guzman & Sonny Myers beat Ellis Bashara & Don Lee
Dizzy Davis beat Cal Rees, referee's decision

7/15/47 Dallas
MIguel Guzman beat Dizzy Davis
Sonny Myers beat Ellis Bashara (Bashara unable to beat Myers twice in one hour per stipulation)
Henry Piers beat Wee Willie Davis DQ
Tiger Red Newson beat Johnny Cobb ("first Negro match ever held at Sportatorium", according to Dallas Morning News)

7/29/47 Dallas
Miguel Guzman beat Al Lovelock
Ann Laverne beat Mae Young
Felix Miquet beat Hans Schnabel, referee's decision
Henry Piers beat Roy Graham DQ
Killer Karl Davis beat Charro Azteca, referee's decision

9/9/47 Dallas
Miguel Guzman beat Gorgeous George DQ (Guzman UTC for third fall, match awarded because of deliberate injury by George)
Dave Levin beat Felix Miquet, special referee Gene Stanlee
Al Lovelock beat Irish Jack Kennedy
Rudy Valentino beat Paul Stanlee
Sonny Myers beat Terry McGinnis, referee's decision

12/16/47 Dallas
NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion Leroy McGuirk beat Jack Terry
Lou Thesz beat Irish Jack Kennedy
Sonny Myers beat Dizzy Davis, referee's decision
Whiskers Savage beat Carlos Rodriguez
Ellis Bashara beat Roy Graham DQ