Ricky Romero

One of the most popular Hispanic wrestlers to come through the Dallas territory was Ricky Romero.  He was a very efficient babyface with good promos and fiery comebacks.  His finisher was the cannonball, in which he would jump and land on his opponent's chest with his rear end.

Ricky came to the territory in July of 1966 and stayed until November of 1967.  He was in and out the last three months of the stay.  He had matches with Jack Daniels, the Golden Terror, Krusher Karlssen, Tony Borne and Danny Plechas.  Ricky also had main event programs with Fritz and Waldo Von Erich.  I remember reading in an old program from San Antonio that he was the only one to pin Fritz Von Erich in that city at the time.  Ricky's tag team partners were Benny Mata and Duke Keomuka.

Ricky went on to be a star in both Texas territories, California, New Mexico and Colorado.  The last time I saw Ricky was on a tape on the Terry Funk Wrestlefest in 1997 at the Amarillo Fairgrounds.  He was in the corner of his sons, Mark and Chris Youngblood.  They were wrestling the Bushwhackers, Luke and Butch.  Ricky was a great babyface with very good psychology.

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