Ciclon Negro

One of my favorite wrestlers that came through the Dallas territory in the mid-60’s was Ciclon Negro. Like Bull Curry, he was one of the first rugged “Steve Austin” type babyfaces. He used the back breaker and the neck breaker for finishing maneuvers. Another favorite maneuver was the headbutt. Negro was champion of Texas around 1960.

I first saw him in December of 1964 coming in as a heel. He turned babyface a month later, feuding with Chris Tolos, Danny McShain, Ivan the Terrible (Pampero Firpo), Killer Karl Kox, Jim and Jack Dalton, and Ike Eakins. Negro teamed with Cowboy Bob Ellis and Victor Apollo. The matches were very exciting as he would use rough tactics like the heels. This stay in the territory lasted six months.

Ciclon came back in November of 1968 as a heel. He turned babyface again under the influence of a frequent tag partner, Billy Red Lyons. As a face, Negro feuded with Chris Tolos, Mike Paidousis, and The Spoilers. His stay this time just lasted two months. It was my opinion that he made a better heel on the run and the face turn did not work out.

I did not see Ciclon again on TV until 1975. I was going to school in Stephenville, TX and saw wrestling from Abilene which was in the Funk’s territory. Ciclon was a heel and was really beating on Scott Casey. Terry Funk came in and slammed Ciclon though the TV announcer’s gimmicked desk. I guess that was the predecessor of putting someone through a table.

Ciclon went on to wrestle in Japan, Florida, the Carolinas, and other territories in his long career. There are some old films of him on YouTube which are very entertaining.

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I remember Ciclon being a big opponent of all three Funks. He had legendary Texas Death Matches with Dory Sr and was a tough opponent for Junior and Terry. He also turned face and tag teamed with Terry and I think maybe Dicky Murdoch who I am sure he faced also. He later wrestled under a hood in Florida as Mr Uganda.