The Great Mephisto

The Great Mephisto arrived in the Dallas territory in December of 1973. He made quite an impact with his great heel interviews. Mephisto had a gimmick similar to the Sheik where he did a prayer to Allah before the match and had a woman servant. The best line Mephisto used for drawing heat was "women should be treated like camels." Kicking an opponent with a loaded boot was his main finisher. The build up to the use of the boot was done very well. Occasionally, Mephisto used a fireball. He did not use the flash paper like most but shot a flame out of an object in his hand.

A list of opponents for Mephisto included Ivan Putski, Jose Lothario, Bob Orton Jr., Red Bastien, Fritz Von Erich, and Black Angus. His tag partners included Bob Roop, Roger Kirby, Dale Lewis, and the Texan (Blackjack Mulligan). Mephisto won the Texas title from Jose Lothario. After six months in the territory, Red Bastien took off the loaded boot and used it on him. Mephisto left the territory after this.

I saw Mephisto later as the manager of Mark Lewin on Georgia Championship Wrestling in the late '70s. After Lewin would put someone out with the sleeper, Mephisto would cover him up with his cape and revive the opponent.
Mephisto was really entertaining and had great psychology.

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