Jim & Jack Dalton

Jack and Jim Dalton were one of the colorful teams that came through the Dallas territory in the '60s. They were blonde and very rough in their matches. Their psychology was great.

The wrestlers they faced included Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cyclone Negro, Silento Rodriguez, Tony Borne, Joe Corollo, Don Chuy, Billy White Wolf, and Ernie Ladd. There were tag matches with any combination of the group mentioned plus single matches. Back then, if there was a tag match on the card, there was also single matches between the wrestlers. They did this because there were fewer wrestlers on the card then than now.

The feud I remember most was with Cowboy Bob Ellis. Ellis and Cyclone Negro was wrestling Jack and Tony Borne in Dallas on a Tuesday night. Jim came in and hit Ellis with a beer bottle. Ellis and Jim had a match the next morning on the Dallas studio wrestling show.

Another angle on Fort Worth TV involved Jack and Billy White Wolf. Paul Boesch, the TV announcer, built it up as "Cowboy vs Indian." Unlike most movies, the Indian was the babyface. Jack also had a falling out with Tony Borne and had a good "heel vs heel" program.

Jack was also known as Don Stevens, Jack Dillinger, and Don Fargo. I had heard a lot about Don Fargo but did not know that they were the same person until a few months ago.

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