Chief Billy White Wolf

Chief Billy White Wolf came through Texas in the early and mid-1960s. He was a very good baby face who was able to sell and make intense comebacks. The Texas Championship was his for about three months in 1963.

Billy had the usual American Indian gimmick moves for that era. Tomahawk chops and a war dance highlighted his comebacks. The sound of war whoops echoed in the building from the fans when the comebacks were made.

His opponents included Mark Lewin, Chris Tolos, Jack Dalton, Tim Tyler, and Killer Karl Kox. Billy teamed with Cowboy Bob Ellis in a feud with Jim and Jack Dalton.

After leaving Texas, Billy went on to the WWWF to win the tag team championship in the territory. He also went to Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. Later, he went to the AWA as Shiek Adnan Al-Kaissie and did very well as a manger and wrestler.

White Wolf's real name is Adnan Bin Abdulkareem Ahmed Al-Kaissy El Farthie. I did not know that White Wolf and Al-Kaissie were the same person until my brother gave me a book on wrestlers in 1995. It amazed me that a person from Iraq could pass for a Native American.

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My cousin was his partner a one time Jerry Blackwell Aka The stone mountain crusher.