Nick Kozak

One of the top Dallas territory babyfaces during the late '60s was Nick Kozak. Great interviews and fiery comebacks were his trademarks. He also sold very well setting up the comebacks.

Nick wrestled nearly all of the heels in the territory during his '60s run in Texas. He had singles programs with Waldo Von Erich, the Spoilers, Jack Daniels, Louie Tillet, and Chris Markoff. He teamed with his brother, Jerry, for some exciting tag team matches.

I saw Nick wrestle twice in person. On 12-26-66, Nick wrestled in the 3 man match elimination tournament. He defeated Ken Hollis and Jack Daniels in the first match and survived the four way match to finals. He lost to Waldo Von Erich in the finals.

On 2-12-68, Nick wrestled the Destroyer in a 2 out of 3 fall match. Destroyer won the first fall with and knee drop and was disqualified the second fall. Nick won the third fall with an airplane spin. This is a finisher that has not been seen in at least 30 years. The Destroyer said he would take off the mask if he was beaten two out of three pinfalls or submission. When he would lose a two out of three fall match, one fall was always by disqualification so he would not have to unmask.

Nick refereed in Houston after his wrestling career was over. I heard he is living in Galveston doing a lot of surfing now.

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