Chris Markoff

One of the heels that drew the most heat in the Dallas territory in the '60s was Chris Markoff. He was very loud and knew how to work a crowd.

Markoff debuted on 11-13-67 teaming with Mike Paidousis against Waldo Von Erich and Joe Blanchard in Fort Worth. He was introduced as being from Yugoslavia. Markoff then yelled into the microphone that he was not from Yugoslavia, he was from Russia. That was always instant heat during the Cold War era. He proceeded to attack Blanchard and Von Erich from behind. The match was a double countout.

During a match with Pepe Gomez, Markoff continuously jumped off the top onto Gomez until Nick Kozak made the save. Chris had tremendous heat during the post-match interview. The noise in the building was as loud as I had ever heard it.

Markoff wrestled nearly everyone who came through the territory during his eight months there. Matches with the Kozaks, Spoilers, Billy Red Lyons, Fritz Von Erich, and Buddy Moreno were all good. His main singles program was with Nick Kozak.

I saw Markoff wrestle in person on 2-12-68. He defeated Danny Plechas in the opener and then won a battle royal. There was a $500 bounty for Spoiler #1's mask in the battle royal. Spoiler #2 picked up #1 and put him over the top rope onto the floor. #1 was eliminated which ruined everyone else's chances of winning $500. Ernie Ladd and Markoff pounded on #2 with Ladd throwing #2 out. Markoff threw out Ladd after sneaking up behind him thus winning the battle royal. I was sitting on the front row when Markoff walked by me after the match. As he passed, I booed him loudly and Markoff just looked at me and laughed. I was disappointed that he was not upset about getting booed.

Markoff went on to Florida and other territories after leaving Texas. The last time I saw him wrestle was on TBS during Georgia Championship Wrestling.

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