The Golden Terror

One of the colorful heel characters to pass through the Dallas territory in the mid-'60s was the Golden Terror. He was very agile for a man that weighed about 270 pounds and had excellent psychology. A backwards bump over the top rope was one of his best moves. Terror was able to get over without doing very many interviews. A gold colored skull cap was part of his outfit but it was never used for head butting purposes.

The Golden Terror had several feuds during his six month stay in the territory. Duke Keomuka, Billy Red Lyons, The Amazing Zuma, Ramon Torres, and Killer Karl Kox were some of the wrestlers on the list. His favorite finishing maneuver was the reverse neckbreaker. The Terror was the first person that I saw use this finisher. Today, the neck breaker is a move used during a match and not a finisher.

The Terror's biggest push came when he held the Dallas version of the World's Tag Team Championship with the Destroyer. They won it from Kanji Inoki and Duke Keomuka and lost it to Keomuka and Fritz Von Erich.

The Golden Terror went on to other territories and wrestled under different names. Otto Von Krump, Mr. Atomic, Shadow, and Black Shadow were some of the characters he portrayed.

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