Baron Von Raschke

One of the most successful wrestlers who passed through the Dallas territory in 1968-69 was Baron Von Raschke. He had only been wrestling for about four years but his ring work and psychology made him one of the best.

Baron was advertised as the European champion coming in having defeated Waldo Von Erich for the title. Waldo did color commentary for Baron's debut match on Fort Worth TV in which he defeated Tiger Conway. Since Fritz Von Erich and the Spoiler used the claw, Baron's finisher was the Prussian Sleep Hold. The hold looks like the Cobra Clutch that was used by Sergeant Slaughter. Waldo stated that the hold was used by Baron to defeat him for the European championship. After the match, a fan jumped on the ring apron and attacked Baron. The guy realized he had screwed up big time when Baron grabbed him. A good stiff punch to the head followed and the fan had to be carried out.

Baron had a variety of tag team partners which included Kurt Hess, Krusher Kowalski, and Dusty Rhodes. He had feuds with Grizzly Smith, Fritz and Waldo Von Erich, Wahoo McDaniel, the Spoiler, and Johnny Valentine. The matches which he teamed with Kowalski against the Spoiler and Gary Hart were my favorites since I liked "heel vs heel" matches.

Baron had a long career in the AWA and NWA after leaving the Dallas territory. Believable promos that he made are not seen on TV anymore.

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