Wild Bull Curry

One of the most colorful performers in Texas during the 1960s and '70s was Wild Bull Curry. After being a heel during a lot of his career, he became one of the first non-scientific wrestlers to be a babyface. Even though Curry did not know any holds, he was a big attraction due to his psychology and promos. When I started watching wrestling, Curry was around 50 years old and did not take bumps.

Bull was a pioneer in the hardcore style of wrestling. Chairs, tables, and other weapons were used by him. The finishing maneuver used by Curry was throwing someone in the ropes and then punching them in the stomach. Curry had feuds with all of the heels in Texas during that time including Fritz Von Erich, Killer Karl Kox, Mark Lewin, Danny McShain, Tony Borne, Louie Tillet. He was the Brass Knucks Champion which was the title that the toughest wrestler held. Bull won and lost it several times over the years.

There is a match on YouTube from 1956 with Bull Curry vs Ovila Asselin. On the internet, there are video sites that sell the tape of Paul Boesch's tribute. Footage of Bull Curry vs Johnny Valentine is included on that video. It is too bad that there is not more footage of Curry's matches because he really was entertaining.

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