Lord Charles Montague

Lord Charles Montague, whose real name was Jacob Grobbe, passed away on December 15, 2010. He came to the Dallas territory in October of 1969 and stayed until the end of 1970. Charles was the first wrestler that I remember with a body builder's physique. A really good heel interview with a British accent made him quite entertaining.

Charles managed Boris Malenko and was also his tag team partner. They had feuds with Fritz and Waldo Von Erich, Wahoo McDaniel, Tiger Conway, Nick Kozak, Mil Mascaras, and Tony Pugliese. They were American Tag champions at one time.

The best angle that Charles was involved in was with Bob Orton Sr., grandfather of Randy. Orton came in as an understudy to Charles and Boris. After weeks of being treated like dirt, Orton turned on Montague. Charles was given a piledriver on a metal chair in the ring by Orton. This led to a series of single and tag matches involving Orton against Malenko and Montague.

Montague and Malenko were involved in an angle with Paul Boesch in Houston. The Life and Times of Paul Boesch tribute show has the last three minutes of a match between Malenko and Boesch. Referee Dick Raines takes a bump and is knocked out during the match. Malenko immediately pulls off Raines' pants in the middle of the ring. Boesch gets a towel from ringside for Raines to put around his waist. Montague sneaks up and takes the towel away exposing Raines' boxer shorts. That was sports entertainment at its best. Boesch won the match when Malenko did not beat him in ten minutes. The DVD of this show can be found on wrestling video websites.

Montague wrestled under several different names in his career. He had good ring psychology that is not seen in wrestling today.

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