Tony Borne

One of the most colorful characters in the Dallas territory from 1964-66 was Tony Borne. Tony was in and out from the Portland territory during this time period and did a heck of a heel interview. His confrontations with Paul Boesch on Fort Worth TV were classic.

Tony was constantly saying that he was a better TV announcer than Boesch and stated during an interview that he would be pulling strings to get the job. Paul then held up a handful of strings for Tony to pull which caused a big scene. Paul and Tony had a match with the stipulation that the winner would get the job as TV announcer. Paul lost the match but due to popular demand illustrated by a big box full of fan letters, Boesch kept the job.

Tony had feuds with these wrestlers: Bull Curry, Killer Karl Kox, Dick Steinborn, Nick and Jerry Kozak, Dory Dixon, and Ramon Torres. His last match in Dallas was in August of '66 against Nick Kozak.

Tony wrestled several more years mainly in the Pacific Northwest. He did return to Dallas in the late '80s in an angle with his son Matt. In the '90s, Matt went on to be Doink the Clown in the WWF.

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