Gorilla Marconi

One of the most entertaining job guys in the Ft. Worth-Dallas area during late 1965 was Gorilla Marconi. His physical features which included a shiny bald head and a hairy body were often used during his matches. This really made him unique.

The shiny bald head was impossible for someone to keep a headlock on. Every time the babyface would put on a headlock, Marconi would slide right out. After doing this three or four times, it would be determined that he had his head greased. The referee would always wipe Marconi's head while his opponent held him. A protest was always filed but to no avail.

The funniest part of Marconi's matches would be when the babyface grabbed a couple of handfuls of Gorilla's chest hair. Marvin Jones, the referee, would order the opponent to let go. When that demand was not met, Marvin would pull the babyface's arms thus forcing a release. Gorilla would sell the pulling of his chest hair by dancing around the ring. Now that was sports entertainment at its best.

I wish there were entertaining characters in wrestling now. They really gave us our money's worth.

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