The Mummy

One of my favorite heel characters in the 1960s was the Mummy. His real name was Benji Ramirez and he wrestled as both characters in Dallas. In Fort Worth where Paul Boesch was booking, only the Mummy was used.

He wore a mask with a black wig attached to it. The suit that he wrestled in was white and wrapped with athletic tape. The suit must have been pure torture to wrestle in because it gave the appearance of not having any ventilation. Powder was inserted between the layers of athletic tape so when he was hit, "Mummy Dust" would fly out. It made his opponent sneeze and the Mummy took advantage. Expect for the black wig, he did look like a mummy.

I saw the Mummy in person on May 30, 1966 in Fort Worth. He was teamed with Roger Kirby against Bull Curry and Dory Dixon in the 2 out of 3 fall semi-final match. Dixon pinned the Mummy for the first fall. Kirby pinned Dixon for the second fall. In the third fall, Mummy came in to make the save when Dixon tried to pin Kirby. Dixon moved and Mummy stomped on Kirby's chest. After it happened a second time, Kirby was angry and probably thought the Mummy's brain was affected by the dust. He flipped Mummy back into the ring from the apron and left him. Mummy was then double teamed by Dixon and Curry and Curry made the pin to win the match.

The Mummy was a very entertaining character. There are not many interesting characters today in wrestling who know psychology like the ones back then.

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