We're Baa-aaack...!

Greetings, WCM readers! If you're reading this, it means the worldclasswrestling.info domain has been successfully redirected here and we want to thank you for your continued support!

Just a bit of explanation for what you're seeing: the site is now hosted on Blogspot because (1) it's free, and (2) believe me, it's a LOT less of a hassle to do it this way. We are in the process of rebuilding, so you'll see the material from the old site slowly being transferred here in the form of blog posts, which will be easily locatable through either the table of contents or archive listings in the sidebar. We'll also be posting news updates in between (as well as on our Facebook page), so if you want to read only those posts, just click "News" under Posts by Category.

You'll no doubt be pleased to know that we're adding literally hundreds of shows to our Results section that weren't listed before, and we'll be posting other new material as well.  We've also created a new YouTube channel, to which we'll be adding many clips posted by other YT users, as well as the ones from our old channel. We only ask that you be patient...remember, the old site took about a year to build and we all have day jobs.

(Yes, that's right, I said we ALL have day jobs because this site is now a THREE-person operation. Please welcome the newest contributor to WCM: Michael Moody, son of World Class and WWE legend Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer! Michael is going through Percy's collection of WCCW memorabilia as time permits, and we can hardly wait to check it out!)

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