BIO: Marc Lowrance

Real Name: Marc Lowrance

Need to Know Facts:  Though he has now preached the gospel for more than two decades, Reverend Marc Lowrance is still fondly remembered by North Texas mat fans for his 1980s stint as the friendly, easygoing television voice of World Class Championship Wrestling.

Marc, who had previously worked as PA announcer for the Central Hockey League's Fort Worth Texans at Will Rogers Coliseum, was hired by Fritz Von Erich as a ring announcer in 1980 to replace the late Boyd Pierce, who had left to accept a similar position with Bill Watts' Mid-South promotion.  In the spring of 1982, when the promotion was formally renamed World Class, Bill Mercer (host of KTVT's Saturday Night Wrestling since the mid-1970s) left Channel 11 to become commentator for its soon-to-be internationally popular hour-long syndicated show.  Lowrance took over the broadcast position in Fort Worth for KTVT, while continuing to work as ring announcer in Dallas.

As commentator on Saturday Night Wrestling/Championship Sports, Lowrance became known for his smooth announcing style and occasional one-liners aimed at heels intent on dominating the microphone ("Pardon me for speaking while you were interrupting"), and for his signature pinfall count, "Could be...might be...and it is!"

Marc would also assume hosting duties for the syndicated series in 1987, after a change in production companies resulted in Mercer and Continental Productions moving on to Ken Mantell's Wild West Wrestling group.  Sitting in with Lowrance on color commentary during the Jerry Jarrett/USWA era were Frank Dusek, and later Terrence "The Beauty" Garvin.

In mid-1990, Lowrance elected to leave the USWA rather than take a cut in pay due to the promotion's financial difficulties.  He became a Methodist minister shortly afterward (having attended a seminary during the last few years of his announcing stint), although he returned briefly to the Sportatorium as ring announcer when Kevin Von Erich made a short-lived and unsuccessful attempt to revive WCCW after Jarrett's departure.  Marc is currently a senior pastor at St. John the Apostle United Methodist Church in Arlington, Texas, and makes occasional appearances at pro wrestling conventions.