BIO: The Fantastics

Real Names: James Hines (Bobby Fulton); Thomas Couch (Tommy Rogers)

Hometown: Billed from the "City of Angels" (Los Angeles)

Height/Weight: Fulton 5'10"/225; Rogers 5'9"/ 225

Signature Moves: Rocket Launcher

WCCW Titles Held: WCWA Tag Team titles (twice) and WCCW American Tag Team titles.

Notable WCCW Feuds:  The Midnight Express, the Rock & Roll RPM's, John Tatum & Jack Victory.

Need to Know Facts: The popular and talented Fantastics, one of a plethora of classic 1980s tag teams, formed in 1984 in Bill Watts' Mid-South territory, before quickly moving on to World Class Championship Wrestling.

Fulton and Rogers (who began their careers in 1979 and 1981, respectively) worked initially in WCCW with the PYT's (Norvell Austin and Koko Ware), then began a feud with the Midnight Express (then consisting of Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey, seconded by manager extraordinaire Jim Cornette) over the WCCW American Tag Team Champions, resulting in many memorable matchups between the two legendary teams.

The Fantastics entered every World Class arena to ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man", looking every bit the part, with sequined vests, bowties, and their "GQ good looks", like their counterparts The Rock 'n' Roll Express. The Fantastics were second only to the Von Erichs as the promotion's resident heartthrobs, with a pre-match ritual consisting of circling around the ringside area shaking hands and receiving kisses from their adoring fans.

The popular duo would return to Bill Watts' Universal Wrestling Federation in 1985, becoming involved in a barbaric feud with the Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Butch Miller). The two teams eventually battled in one of the sport's first ever barbed-wire matches, shedding massive amounts of blood throughout the southern U.S.

Returning to the World Class promotion in 1987, Rogers and Fulton feuded with one of the promotion's top heel tag teams at the time, The Rock & Roll RPM's (Mike Davis and Tommy Lane). The rivalry would culminate with a scaffold match at the Parade of Champions card held on May 3, 1987 at Texas Stadium.  In early 1988, the Fantastics worked a program with "Hollywood" John Tatum and Jack Victory.

Feeling they needed to revitalize their team, Fulton and Rogers left World Class for Jim Crockett, Jr.'s NWA, to continue their feud with Jim Cornette's Midnight Express, which now consisted of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane.  They would swap the NWA U.S. Tag Team titles with the Midnights during their tenure for Crockett.  After leaving the NWA, they continued to tag on the independent wrestling scene and in Japan, often adding Bobby Fulton's brother Jackie into the mix while keeping their successful tag team name.

Tommy Rogers went onto a have a respectable solo wrestling career in the late 1990's, frequently wrestling in Japan and Extreme Championship Wrestling.  (An interesting side note: Rogers and Fulton actually wrestled each other in the WWF in 1997 as part of a tournament to crown the company's Light Heavyweight champion.)  Fulton became a born-again Christian in October 2003.

In 2005, the Fantastics reformed on the indie circuit for a few matches against their long-time rivals, the Midnight Express.