Spoiler #2

A wrestler that was part of Gary Hart's stable in the late '60s was the Spoiler #2. He was brought in as a tag team partner for Spoiler #1. Spoiler #2 was a big part of the scene in the Dallas territory in 1968.

The Spoilers had their first tag match on Fort Worth TV against Ernie Ladd and Big Bad John on 2-5-68. The match was won by the Spoilers in two straight falls. #1 won the first fall with the claw and #2 won the second with an upside down bearhug. John lost both falls because Ladd was being pushed as a top babyface. The American Tag Team Championship was next for the Spoilers, winning it from Fritz Von Erich and Billy Red Lyons. Nick and Jerry Kozak, Von Erich and Grizzly Smith and Red Lyons and Buddy Moreno also worked programs with the Spoilers.

Spoiler #2 was unmasked on Dallas TV by Nick and Jerry Kozak during a battle royal. I first thought he was Dick the Bruiser because they looked so much alike. Nick Kozak then said it was Smasher Sloan. I had read about Smasher Sloan in the wrestling magazines that were based on the East Coast. The thing that stood out about him was that he rarely won a match. Sloan came to Texas and was winning a lot of matches and I did not understand how he got so much better.

In November of 1968, Sloan turned on Gary Hart and became a face. He had matches with Don Jardine, the unmasked Spoiler #1. He also teamed with the other faces against the men managed by Hart.

Even though he was not as talented as Don Jardine, he was entertaining as his role as the Spoiler #2.

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