Fritz Von Erich vs. Tiger Conway

One of the more interesting Fritz Von Erich feuds was with Tiger Conway. Conway's gimmick was that he had the hardest head in wrestling. He used head butts like Bobo Brazil to win matches.

In an interview, Conway used a c-clamp on his temple area to show that his head was too hard for the Iron Claw to be effective. Bull Curry had used this previously.

Several feuds Fritz had during his heel days lasted two matches. The opponent would look good the first match and get beat the second. Conway looked good his first match despite losing by count out when Fritz ran the back of Tiger's head into ring post. The claw had little effect on Conway's head.

The rematch was for 2 out of 3 falls for the Texas Title. Fritz had to win with the claw or lose the title. Conway won the first fall due to interference from the Destroyer. During the second fall, the claw had little effect on Conway. Out of the blue, Fritz won the second fall with the claw on the stomach. Tiger was not able to return for the third fall. Fritz kept the title by using the claw.

This was the first time I saw the claw on the stomach used in Texas. Years later, I bought a tape where Fritz was wrestling Bobby Brown and used the stomach claw to win. The match with Brown was years earlier while Fritz was still goose stepping.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that match in Houston, Texas. Tiger Conway went into the ring with that vice on his head, while Fritz was televising an interview with Promoter/Commentator Paul Boesch on the interview platform. Tiger forced Fritz to come into the ring and try to beat him with the Claw. That took place a long time ago, I can't remember everything but I do remember Fritz did beat Tiger Conway with the Claw after a good beating inside and outside the ring. Back then Fritz was the man, everybody that came to TEXAS had to beat Fritz to get a title match. The list goes on, Billy Red Lyons, The Destroyer, Duke Keomuka, Bull Curry, Ernie Ladd, Cowboy Bob Ellis, etc. Fritz was the best!