WCCW Uploads Resume on WWE Network! [UPDATED 8/14/2017]

Well, it only took 'em three and a half years, but for those who have been holding off on subscribing/resubscribing to WWE Network until more World Class shows were available, your ship has finally come in, with many episodes from 1982 through early 1985 going up!

Please keep in mind that it may not be possible for some episodes to be digitized and uploaded due to deterioration of the original videotapes, although a few shows with serious technical issues have nonetheless been upped. Click here for today's additions to the Vault. -- ISE Guy


Anonymous said...

A little help if possible.

One episode thought to be too damaged for WWE to use is a May 1983 episode with Kamala vs. Jose Lothario and Iceman Parsons vs. Buddy Roberts. It is apparently episode 72 because at the end of ep. 71, Bill Mercer announces those two matches for the following week.

However, Mercer also announces there will be a personality profile interview with Chris Adams. WWE's "Triumph and Tragedy of WCCW" DVD set from 2007 has, as one of the many bonus features, a 1983 interview where Adams talks with Mercer as they have tea.

Is that interview on the WCCW set the same one advertised for ep. 72?

World Class Memories said...

That sounds about right, since Adams debuted in WCCW in mid-April and I do remember that interview airing shortly after he arrived. Anybody else able to confirm?

Anonymous said...

The 10/30/82 episode is now up. It's probably in the worse shape of any of the episodes that were thought to be "lost," but it's still watchable.

Anonymous said...

The two episodes from the 1984 Parade of Champions are much shorter on WWE Network than other WCCW episodes. They clock in at 35-36 minutes, so there is content missing. They also go to commercial breaks fewer times than the usual 6 per episode, so it seems like entire segments have been scrubbed.

This is what is on WWE's versions. If anyone knows what is missing, please post it.

WCCW 124:
Marc L. opens show and runs down the matches, then a commercial
JYD vs. Missing Link, then a commercial
Super Ds vs. Parsons/Zhumoff, then a commercial
Badstreet USA video, then a commercial
Von Erichs vs. Freebirds (no entrances shown), then a commercial
Show ending where KVE's title win is announced

WCCW 125:
Marc L. opens show and runs down the matches, then a commercial
Reed vs. Donovan, then a commercial (Marc promises right before the break there will special treat after the commercial, which isn't shown unless he meant the title match)
KVE vs. Flair, then a commercial (if there was a post-match interview aired, it's not shown on WWE version)
Garvin/Precious vs. Adams/Sunshine, then a commercial
Show ending (credits cut off before completely finished)